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HAP is Human Accelerated Performance. HAP is a Professional Development option for any organization that has humans working together.


''HAP training re-focuses our attention on people - getting along and communicating, and along the way taking care of ourselves. Success becomes easy, even effortless, and we feel better and get more done.''
Doug Smith
Senior Wildlife Biologist, Yellowstone National Park
''HAP has given me skills I use every day with players. I can better communicate with less stress.''
Luther Elliss
Former NFL Pro-Bowl Player, Former Chaplain and New Player Coach, Denver Broncos

What HAP Clients are Saying

“HAP Training has taken me from an angry isolated person who people probably didn’t like very much to somebody who is assertive and able to make friends and build relationships in tough places. It has encouraged me to get outside of myself and my behavior and see the bigger picture. It is something that you can’t buy with money, to have that emotional intelligence of yourself, to be able to change the way that you are interacting with other people. I mean it could change the world. It really could.”

Jacqueline McCormick
New Construction Installation Coordinator, HVAC Industry

HAP Training provides professional development for people that is applicable in group and individual settings.

Our focus is on relationships, the way people get along and how these relationships can be enhanced to create more cohesive work environments. HAP Trainings increase employee performance and lower HR costs. 80% of employees leave jobs because of poor work relationships. Let us help your people and organization learn skills to better understand each other and communicate clearly and effectively.


We Provide


One of HAP’s Middle School clients in Colorado had a drop in discipline referrals over 2 school years from 1283 to 180.


One HAP Corporate client has doubled their employees, cut HR staff, and have experienced a decrease in HR referrals and have reduced turnover.

Human Resources

Clients report happier staff, longer retention of staff, and self-efficacy of employees demonstrated in staff attendance at work, simply showing up on time and staff effectively solving their own interpersonal clashes at work.


Bottom Line

Because of the influx of new Emotional Intelligence programs, the industry is allowing misconceptions to emerge. One general misconception is that Emotional Intelligence is about holding hands to solve interpersonal challenges. HAP Training sees it different; we believe Emotional Intelligence is a way to maintain accountability to ourselves and our peers and to be able to get our job done. We see it as an assertive discipline and assertive accountability model. We call it accountability with compassion. HAP Training trainers collectively have over 90 years experience creating and teaching SEI curriculums.

HAP Training works with a broad spectrum of clients: corporate clients, professional athletes, government agencies managing public lands, large scale breweries, auto body repair shops, school teachers and many more. We find success in our work across our client spectrum.

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We take pride in delivering only the best, and here are some of our satisfied customers:

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