Relationship Rings: 3 Ways to Help Us Manage Relationships…

Relationship Rings: 3 Ways to Help Us Manage Relationships…

Relationship Rings: 3 Ways to Help Us Manage Relationships…

What are Relationship Rings?

Relationship Rings are a conceptual model of relationships that allows us to determine how close we allow someone into our life. 

So why are the relationship rings an important part of HAP and the HAP Training framework… We wholeheartedly believe that HAPpy relationships means a HAPpy Life and one of the models of managing relationships that we have defines is relationship rings.

As people get closer to us, in general we become more critical of them and them to us. This model allows us to clearly define how close allow them to our most important relationship, the one with ourself.

Let’s look at the 3 ways relationship rings help us manage relationships…

  1. Help Establish Clear Boundaries
  2. Conceptualize Intangibles
  3. Reminds Us What’s Most Important

Relationships are messy, let’s jump into these three ways we can manage them and create HAPpier relationships:

1. Help Establish Clear Boundaries

Relationship Rings: 3 Ways to  Help Us Manage Relationships...

Relationship Rings help us establish clear boundaries about our relationships with others… Have you ever wondered why relationships in the workplace become so hard to manage? Often times it’s because we don’t have clear boundaries established with our coworkers. We have a loose idea or interpretation of what’s culturally appropriate from a workplace relationship… but those are all informally set and based on our own set of experiences.

This framework of relationship rings is an important as it’s the first step in identifying the boundaries we should have with others. This can also be shaped based on your own set of experiences and relied to others in way that allows them to understand your comfort level/trust.

When you add the complications of workplace workload, communication, and then a friendship, it can be hard. But what you can measure you can manage, and relationship rings give a clearcut way to organize and measure your willingness for vulnerability based on how someone treats you as you bring them closer to your inner circle.

Conceptualizing helps you create clear boundaries…

2. Relationship Rings Conceptualize Intangibles

The reason why these relationships get so messy in the first place is that they’re not exactly the cleanest and easiest to understand from the inside. Often time’s in relationships or emotional spaces, we don’t take the time to define our boundaries and what contains those relationships. Even if just with ourselves and our journal…

When you take something out of your mind and make it tangible by writing it down, you make it malleable. And that malleability allows you to truly and completely conceptualize the framework and work with it. That’s why as you learn things in school and write them down, apply the intentional practice, you gain more mastery…

Use relationship rings to help you conceptualize intangible parts of relationships that you may not have identified previously.

3. Remind Us What’s Most Important

The most important relationship is the one with ourself… And when we revisit the concept of relationship rings, it clearly shows that our relationships echo out from us. If we don’t take care of ourselves, it will echo out into all of our relationships with the closest to us likely getting the backlash. 

When you look at the concept of relationships and you realize that you’re the most important in your life, we’re left with the question… How do you find the best relationship with yourself? 

Relationship Rings: 3 Ways to  Help Us Manage Relationships...
Use activities like skiing, music, biking, art or other tools to help you refresh is key to managing close relationships.

The answer is to get into kairos… More on kairos vs chronos later on in the coming weeks and months. But just get out and do something that helps you forget about time, whether that’s music, art, skiing, biking, martial arts, yoga… It doesn’t matter, just get out of your head into your heart and your body.

Do something that will bring you completely away from your other worries, cares or concerns… emerce yourself in a task that pulls you away from the distractions that are weighing you down. Come back to them when you’re fresh and ready to tackle them head on.

Use these 3 concepts of the Relationship Rings to better understand and manage your relationships.

Thanks for reading and as always remember, 

HAPpy Relationships… 

HAPpy Life…

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