Accountability with Compassion…

Accountability with Compassion…

What does it mean to have accountability with compassion? It means that while we know how much power compassion can have, we must direct it and have clear containers and boundaries to keep each other accountable to boundaries and standards of culture…

Whether that’s in the family, the workplace, or a team…WE MUST hold each other accountable to the rules and cultures that are set through norms and agreements. This allows us the space trust and relies on others to uphold standards…This isn’t about sitting around and singing kumbaya, it’s about creating the space for trust and setting the culture of your life.

Use our skills to hold people accountable with compassion, watch the freedom pour into your life…

Accountability with compassion is a way to hold each other accountable without guilt shame or punishment.

Through using skills like LCD, Frontloading, Checkin’s, observing HALT protocols, and so many more… you can create better relationships and show the people in your life, in your business or in your classroom how you care about them and hold them and everyone else accountable to a standard of conduct.

We say that guilt and shame aren’t productive emotions and they don’t create healing or much real change. We use skills like mirroring to show other’s their own behavior while avoiding pointed fingers and being blaming.

Accountability with compassion is about avoiding resentment and contempt.

Accountability with compassion is about avoiding resentment and contempt. It’s about being your best self in a relationship. We talk about heart coherence and how important it is to be healthy and to be in coherence with love. We talk about being able to show others how we want to be treated without using authority. Authority is limiting whereas power is infinite and can be shared with everyone.

When we approach the situations that give us stress with grace and tact, we are able to act in accordance with our values. Remind yourself how you want to act in tough conversations and why this is a choice you should make…

If someone violates your boundaries and doesn’t treat you the way you need to be treated but you still want them in your life, you can give them an option to repair the harm to make things better. Give them the option to repair the harm done when they’re ready to be accountable to their actions.

This makes it very clear what you’re willing to tolerate and what you’re not willing to tolerate. Look at politics, news, or any other media outlet. It’s all about shame, guilt, and “justice” but we should we weary that it doesn’t solve problems.

Use these skills and the ones we talk about in the future to help you learn about and build better relationships!

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