What is the importance of Checking-In to Relationships with ourselves and others?

What is the importance of Checking-In to Relationships with ourselves and others?

What is checking in?

Checking-in is an important tool that we use to ensure that we are showing up for our relationships the best way we possibly can. Sometimes it’s not the right time to have a conversation, and that’s ok. Check-in with yourself and ensure that you’re in a place where you are emotionally healthy enough to go through the conversation without becoming reactive or overly defensive because of other variables, if not make sure you reschedule your conversation and do something else like kairos.

Healthy people check-in with them selves everyday and on multiple occasions everyday. They wake up and they look at them selves in the mirror, say their name and then think about some emotional qualities they are having… this is an important part of their routine.

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Nobody wants to create damage by their existence, but when we don’t check-in it’s like driving blind or drunk. It’s a danger to those around us and just irresponsible. It takes just a couple moments to check-in with ourselves and make sure we’re in touch with where we’re at.

This is an important part of frontloading like we talked about in our last blog. When we use checking in to examine our internal state and then let others know what we’re experiencing… It gives us and them a sense of freedom because there’s no guesswork involved. No assumptions need to happen and we can understand intentions much easier.

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Often times we can’t control what’s happening to us, but we can control how we identify what is happening to us and then use relationship management skills to help us make the best decisions. If you’re not in a healthy place if it’s the worst day of your life… You shouldn’t be at work… Period. Someone could get hurt, a bad decision could get made and the consequences of your actions could be much larger than missing a moment, a couple of hours, or a day or two in order to make sure you’re going to operate at a safe level.

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Too often we find that employees are too concerned with their productivity and not concerned enough about their mental health. It’s a devastating blow to culture and how we perceive the workplace when we no longer see our mental health as valuable… Drive culture, create a behavior of checking-in and being empathetic to your employees. Statistics point to empathy being one of the most important parts of employee retention and satisfaction.

What if all you needed to do was check-in with your self everyday and establish check-ins with your teams in order to create a culture of success?

When you understand the importance of checking-in everything changes…

If you want to learn more about what checking in and other HAP skills can do for your business, team, family or other relationships, we’d love to help just fill out a contact form here and we’ll be in touch.

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