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3 Relationships You Should Know About For Better Social-Emotional Intelligence

3 Relationships You Should Know About For Better Social-Emotional Intelligence

Social-emotional intelligence is about creating a better relationship with yourself, others and the world around you… It’s about becoming a better person so that you and the world around all benefit. You should know more about these 3 relationships for better social-emotional intelligence… 

What are the 3 relationships you should know about for better social-emotional intelligence?

  1. Relationship with Self
  2. Relationship with Others
  3. Relationship with Environment

When it comes to social-emotional intelligence and the HAP Training model, we stress 3 important relationships to understand and manage. Relationships with self, others, and environment. It may seem simple, but by managing these relationships you’ll find a lot more ease, peace, and joy… 

1. Relationship with Self

3 Relationships For Better Social-Emotional Intelligence: Relationship with Self
All relationships start with the closest in proximity… Self

Relationship with self is the most important and the hardest to manage sometimes. Our brains are equipped with operating systems that are meant for survival, not happiness… So WE must create happy relationships with ourselves first and foremost to have happy relationships with others or the environment around us.

What does it mean to have a relationship with self? 

It means that we take time to help ourselves gain context and awareness into who we are based on our set of experiences… We didn’t choose how we came into this world or what’s happened to us since we’ve been here, but we can contextualize it, learn from it, and use it for good. When you understand that this is what a relationship with self provides, it becomes a powerful tool for creating happiness.

What are some things we can do to manage our relationship with self and get better at social-emotional intelligence?

We can do a number of things to manage our relationship with self… they all fall into the same idea of intentional reflection. Taking time to ask self or others what it looks like or feels like to experience what we’ve experienced. 

As simple as it is, so many people tend to fight the importance of identifying our own needs and wants, and how we’re going to obtain them. We tend to ignore our relationship with ourselves in order to get what we want from the world, and unfortunately, the world just doesn’t organize itself to our every want and need… You already know that… but what we can do is organize our relationship to self, others, and the environment around us. In organizing and compartmentalizing these relationships and equipping ourselves with tools to manage them, we empower ourselves to create freedom in the world.

2. Relationship with Others 

3 Relationships For Better Social-Emotional Intelligence: Relationship with Others
Managing relationships with others can be taxing or freeing depending on the skills you bring to each conversation, we’re here to help make it easy…

This is probably the most obvious relationship… it’s the one we all think of when we think of relationships. The ones we have with people, right? These are the hardest to manage as they get closer. So family and close friends end up receiving more criticism than the guy at the grocery store… 

Understanding that the closer people get the harder it is to manage relationships gives us the important information that we have to work hard to keep those relationships healthy and happy. We always say HAPpy relationships… HAPpy life… But how do we form those happy relationships?

How do we form happy relationships and improve social-emotional intelligence?

Happy relationships are formed through boundaries, check-ins, intentional practice, norms and agreements… There are many, many things that help us form happy relationships, but one of the most important is the create great wavelengths of communication.

Our communication should be clean and clear, we should be able to express ourselves exactly as we’re feeling with no expectation that others change it… We must be able to take responsibility for how we’re feeling and address the changes that need to be made to make it better.

3. Relationship with Environment 

3 Relationships For Better Social-Emotional Intelligence: Relationship with Environment
Forest bathing and other activities in nature like grounding can help you get into coherence

One of the unrecognized relationships we see is with our environment. And it’s one of the most important we can have. The environment provides for all of our wants and needs with its own ingenuity, beauty, and power. There are many types of environments… from work to the outdoors, from high mountain peaks to the highway. They are all unique and different environments.

Why do we need a relationship with the environment?

Pierre DeBar, who is one of our trainers, has helped illuminate the need for forest bathing, grounding, and coherence with our body’s natural biorhythms… In other words, your body operates in frequencies, and so does the environment, when you spend time in nature it helps us reset and recenter and find deep coherence with the biological world.

We’re healthiest and most coherent with the world when we move from our heart and our frequencies reflect that of natures… This isn’t pseudoscience, the frequencies can be measured and manipulated. When we find a peaceful environment, our own frequencies reflect it and we’re able to do our best work… Try creating the best environments you can for productivity, peace, and performance…

Stay tuned over the next months and years for educational resources surrounding; grounding, coherence, emotional hygiene and self-care through environmental relations.

We’re just starting and we’re excited to share with you the tools we’ve learned through decades of experience in education and hands-on social-emotional intelligence research.

Remember these 3 important relationships when you’re studying and improving your social-emotional intelligence skills and don’t forget we do trainings, workshops, and conventions.

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